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Pickering Automotive Services, LLC


Shortly before 7pm on Monday October 17th, a fire was reported at Pickering Automotive. By 10:30 pm the fire was extinguished. Midland Assistant Fire Chief Greg Weisbarth said “At this point in time, it remains under investigation,” adding "the cause is not considered suspicious". Fred plans to reopen at this point.

Update from Fred Pickering -

Tuesdsay October 18, 2016 – 4:25pm

Update; still in my clothes from last night Because of ongoing investigations and safety we are not allowed in the building. The fire appears to have started in our loft or showroom the bulk of the shop equipment looks like it will be ok after clean up. The building took massive damage due to the type of fire, our used tires being one. I cannot express the love I feel from all of you (my customers). Most that truly know me, sitting around is not my style, so today has been awful. I am still in shock. My boys (employees) one with almost a one year old and another with one on the way is all I can think about. Both insurance companies are working hard to get us a plan. If I don’t respond with more than a like (on Facebook) please understand I know you are there for me. I am tired and doing what I have done all my life, trying to fix things. The thought of others wanting to create Go Fund me accounts, is a very nice gesture, but right now working through the logistics is my number one... Thanks each and every one of you for the kind words, and prayers.

We will post updates here as they become available.



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